Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Off to Continuum

I am flying off in the morning to Continuum 7 - sf and Fantasy Con. I am one the two GoH's. Any readers in Melbourne over the Queen's birthday weekend - I'll be at the Ether conference center which is at the Swanston Grand Mercure. The programme is on the con website, and I'm on a hell of a lot of the panels, readings, speeches etc.

I'm also feeling like death warmed over (and have a temp sore throat and sore tooth) with this tooth and hope that Dr Biren's treatment will have a positive effect.

Chaos reigns...


  1. will be following u to Melbourne - so fear not … !

  2. Dear Dave,

    trying to get your phone number is on a par with getting the address of Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

    That is, no one who likes you is going to give it up without a pistol at their head. You have made really TRUE friends. Barbs and Dave : be proud of how you are discussed to total strangers who call the local Council.

    Ten years from work, I still have friends like that from when I worked at our local Council. You have made such friends in just one year.

    I have requested one of your friends to give you a message - reduced from a conversation to a message at her discretion, with our telephone number, requesting you call.

    You accepted my apology on line for my stuff up. I am hoping we can take it further and renew friendship,


    Ian @ Gladstone

    And I'm snoopy enough to want to hear your accent. Its puzzled me for years I have an automatic "talk their way" translator in my head, which to date hasn't worked with South African accents. The South African politicians I met I did not like in the 1960's and 70's. I wish to see whether it will come into effect in your case. YES means the determinant is probably how much I like the person, NO means ??.

  3. I went to a church with heated pews yesterday and remembered heartfelt comments about the corrugated-iron church in South Africa. Went dancing and remembered stumbling through the dance with you. Came back from exams to no warming smile or wonderful hug. Realised how much I was missing my parents and turned on my music... I got Jethro Tull followed by Wild Rover.
    Hope you are both feeling great, although I am sure you are very tired after Continuum 7. Read the program, just wanting to read what my parents were up to, sounds like quite a lot going on. I can't wait to hear about it. Can't wait to see you either, less than two weeks :D

  4. Hope you are feeling better! :-)