Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hmm. We returned to an injured Puggle (hurt himself running into Wednesday) and John-the-vet came to check him out, and pointed out we had a wombat with bad mange in the garden. Sick, slow, cross and likely to infect our dogs. So wombat had to be put down, and then buried and all contact sterilised. Today was island news, Dave to the dentist, (nose numb and dripping, all joy) and TWO packets of saltpetre (one in the post, one via friends :-)) so I will have to make bacon now. Then I had to dismember the sewing mamachine - it's still not fixed but I have established what is wrong - a thread lost in the lower works - I look on it with moderate terror, and will have to brave it tomorrow... and a spot of Scottish dancing. I haven't even begun to catch up on work and post.


  1. I'm assuming you knew there was a wombat in the garden (I've seen these critters. They're not small) but you just didn't know it was sick?

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dave and Puggles (in that order), as well as the sewing machine.

  2. Well, when I left - a week ago, it wasn't in the garden. It was about 6 metres from the perimiter fence, so even moving slowly, it wouldn't take long.