Saturday, June 4, 2011

Phew tired today, We had several friends for 'tea' yesterday... and they didn't leave until close to midnight. It's gratifying... and tiring. Among the thing I prepared was gravadlax with some of the Tassie lakes trout that Alan and Annie brought us. If anyone cares i'll write out the recipe. Very good, and quite a nice alternative to smoked salmon.
B was working at the market this morning and then down at Lady Barron this afternoon. I wrote (not well, too tired to think, undid a bunch, did it again, muttered a lot), deboned two wallaby, defrosted the fridge, and planted a bunch more in the new raised bed. I need to fill the next one... but like filling in the holes on the driveway it needs another me...

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  1. Sounds like a plan, hmmm, there can never be another you. But will a close decendant work? I'll send you two sons, because I understand they aren't quite what you asked for, hopefully with two there you will be able to get at least one to work some of the time.