Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Karres books and more rain

wind and rain continuethetheth. and then some more eth's. The chooks gave me a long lecture about the inferior way I was seeing to the weather this morning, but still gave me 3 eggs. The cats really need it to improve too. They're eight years old, not kittens, but 3 days of miserable weather and they're bored (they normally go outside for a bit every day, via the kitty door) and turning into 3 month old hooligans. Attacking balls of socks, attacking each other, and demanding MORE warmth, more attention, more play (which with Batman means 'lie down, I think I want to savage you.' Poor boy, he never got to fully understanding lie down I think I love you, for which I suppose we might be grateful. But they want whatever they want and they want it NOW. Miaaaww.

We got the paperback copies of Sorceress of Karress today - too late for the con alas.

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