Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ok. I am back... I may catch up in about a week's time. We had a great stay over at Peter and Helen's place and laughed a lot. Ate a lot of strange food in Melbourne, some of which was... interesting (the Japanese dessert) and some of which was terrific. Went to a Chinese Fish Market in Springvale. I don't buy fish but there were several things that really tempted me to try. If I ever have more money than sense and a 40 foot container to fill I could start in the chinese food stores, moving on to 'Hindustani industries' (a store in Melbourne that even had SA jam, and a lot of strange spices from everywhere).

The con I think was a success, with lots of new contacts, but it is very tiring.

It will take me a while to get through my post so replies may be slow.

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