Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This year seems set on proving that winter can indeed come to Flinders. It's wet and windy, good writing weather, good for staying in bed with a hot choc. As a natural result of this I have been making Ice-cream. We got given a batch of Yoghurt that was due to date-expire - and thus be tossed, and I have added it to various preserves and made Yoghurt ice-cream. Of course - assuming the rain was running into our tank was an error, as it turns out. Gum flower stamens and a high wind had made quite a matt on our screens - so we failed to catch some. Ah well. Live and learn. It's too cold and wet and windy to dive or fish, too cold and sunless for veggies to grow, and just doing a good imitation of winter. We were fooled last year, because it was very mild. I'm hoping this lets up for the boys and their lassies (we have a full house coming).


  1. Lassies, plural? You've been reticent about this :-)

    North tx will gladly swap heat for rain..

  2. We're being allowed to meet my younger boy's gf for the first time. I did actually meet her briefly in Paddy's first year. It's kind of their private lives so I try not to talk of it too much.