Saturday, May 7, 2011

Olives and the semi-batchelor

We picked and cut olives today. I figure Barbs and I cut over 1000 each. They take longer to pick and cut than to eat... Now they begin their fresh water changes. I found 18 days last year was about right, but the green only took 12. It's labour intensive, and stains your hands and tries your patience, but the results are pretty good. Not something you can buy in a supermarket.

B is house sitting (well, dog, cat and chook sitting) down in Lady Barron for the next 2 weeks. I can't say I'm enjoying it already. The house is quiet. I will get to see her (and feed her) most days I hope. She's working down there (and other places) and I will just have to fit in between, and really try and get a shift on with this book. Anyway, I've made a fire for the cats (who are seriously peeved about absent laps), and pampered the chooks with some pieces of fish and a wood-cockroach I caught. They gave me an egg in return. Now to feed the beasts and get back to work.

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