Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Nina, the Pinta...

And the Maria I didn't mean to go to sea! (Well, that's Bill's line anyway.) I talked him into paddling a kayak from Fotheringate beach to Point (it's about 800 metres). Only when we get back does Bill say "I've never been in Kayak before". Oh well. To have mates as crazy as you are...

Still, it was fun, if hard work (I was paddling the inflata-galleon, which is not very stable (and there were waves) and drags a vast water-bag. The coast is etched limestone - recent stuff from when the sea level was about 5-6 metres up.

We caught quite a lot of very large wrasse (the cats need food, and this is their favourite)and a leatherjacket and paddled back, on rapala. It was rather disappointing in the catch different stuff line (last time I went there alone I got a range of fish that we don't often catch). The big Leatherjacket were treating Bill's bait like a buffet dinner and just stripping his hook in seconds, just at his feet. At one stage I thought he was going to leap into the water, knife in his teeth.

Anyway, Scottish dancing tonight, and tomorrow B comes HOME.

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