Saturday, June 5, 2010

Borer beetle in wooden fence

Now for the next question. But thank goodness it is not our problem.

Our landlord's mother has become our most frequent visitor, and she is a real honey. She lives in 'town' and so shares a fence with her neighbour. They put up a new wooden fence about 6 years ago, and now at least 3 of the planks are disintergrating into white powder. I think she has borer beetle, and I am convinced there is something simple that you can paint onto it, to kill the beetle. Methylated spirits, or paraffin or something like that.

I learned it at school, in my 8th year, when we did a subject called "Household and hygiene" or domestic science. We learned what to use to get bubblegum off clothes etc, and I am sure borer was in there, but I just cannot bring it to mind.

Probably because the boys get here in less than 2 days, and the whole of my small mind is taken up with them, and hoping that all goes smoothly for their flights, 3, and their overnight accommodation.


  1. "Borates" are supposedly effective. Now, me being me, I have no idea what that would be except for Borax cleaner, maybe.

  2. It is, indeed, Borax soap. I seen it used for years as treatments on old wood. 1/4 cup in one gallon of water. Wipe on and let it soak in on all unfinished surfaces. It is the larvae that eat the wood that causes the damage. The Borax soaked food puts paid to the pests.

  3. Not related but I wanted to share the moment with you.

    The world cup starts in a few days time. The stadiums are superb, the Gautrain is working, Durban is looking great and the vibe is amazing.

    Bafana Bafana has gone 12 games without defeat, beating Denmark 1-0 today in their final warm-up game.

    This event will never come to Africa again in our lifetime and it is surely a time to rejoice.

    Well done South Africa. Yes we were skeptical and yes the aftermath might be a challenge but right now we are very proud.

  4. Thank you guys very much, I will pass that on.

    Go SA, I hope it all goes really well.

  5. Radio is on, it is still early morning where it hums from. Songs for the sea and seamen, songs for the ones behind mountains. Songs that are surrounded by much lower birch trees.
    wrought iron gates