Monday, June 28, 2010

Clare is here!

Now our whole family is complete, as Paddy's girlfriend Clare arrived this afternoon. All 4 of us were giving her advice and instructions all the way from the airport home. As this is a 2km drive, we all felt we must get the best info over early. Clare had flown from the UK and was naturally feeling tired, so how many of our pearls she will remember is the next question. But we can always claim to have shared the important info on that trip.

Earlier in the afternoon James went for a short 40km cycle, up hill and down dale being all the same, he says, as he cycles 'within himself', still he seemed to really enjoy it. And I think a break from his loving family is probably a good thing.

While collecting Clare's luggage, we saw the carpet we had ordered in the store room, so we fetched that and saved a trip tomorrow. We are hoping to keep the dogs totally off our landlord's fitted carpet by adding another one on top. He is not a 'dog in the house' kind of guy, so we are trying to show that they will not do any damage to his belongings at all.

Dave did us pizza for supper, 'tea', with cheese, tomato and mince for all of us, and seafood, including squid, for all except Paddy. Clare enjoyed the squid, which was good, but she then had to listen to the most amazing stories on how to catch them. I think our first trip to the jetty is going to be either a total let down, or a huge relief!

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