Friday, June 4, 2010

What goes down...

Must sometimes come up, as was the case -for me, of the saveloy that B had brought back from the cattle auction. It was 4 AM this morning befor the last of parted with me, and I got some sleep. Until first light when I was up as usual. Very annoying to be a light sensitive sleeper. Anyway, it's been a tea and toast day and the book has not moved very much.

The tiny little art gallery had a show this evening, and we went to show solidarity. One of the things on display was a number of paper-thin lathed bowls - made a friend of John's - delicately shaped and drawn out of the grain and sometimes bark.

That's the artist herding cows. You don't want to judge people quickly.


  1. I warned you!

    I told you!

    But would you listen?


    Saveloys aren't food. The islanders are playing a cruel joke on you. What use is a sausage you can't cook on the barbie? None.


  2. LOL. "Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made." -- Mark Twain

  3. oh lordy, had we known you might encounter a saveloy we would've warned you. Do. Not. Touch. They aren't real. Blech. hope all is well now!
    PS how many sleeps till the rest of the family (4 and 2 legs) arrive?

  4. 2 sleeps for boys!!!! The rest will be about the 22, we have not heard exactly when yet. Boys will be in Melbourne Sun night and with us on Monday... I am soooo excited.

  5. Poor Dave, hope you are feeling better.

    Maybe locals develop an immunity or tolerance for sav's.

  6. We heard today that there is a bug going around, so it may be that, and we are just giving the saveloys a bad name! We will be selling them again at the market on Saturday, if anyone wants to come along and try some???