Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up with the Lark

Well, after a brief (I hope) re-run of the Saveloy-lurgy-from-hell (really opens the sluices at both ends - to put it in Monty-Python speak) I'm back - on a diet of rice and chicken breast and yuk yoghurt for a few days... I got some anti-nausea stuff and a charming little sample bottle from the Doc. Anyway, enough of these delights. Everyone else seems OK which is a relief.

We go another postal surprise welcome to Australia gift today which will warm the cockles of my cold hard heart. Whiskey does that to me. And single malt does it better, and this to be truly original is Tassie-made Whiskey from Lark Distillery. Despite me being on baby-food and fragility we tasted the Slainte liquer. B and James pronounced it superb, and picked up hints of aniseed and honey. I'm not a sweet drink person but I did like it. When I feel slightly less like death warmed over I'm going to taste the single malt. An incentive to recovery!


  1. Hope everything comes out all right in the end!


  2. Quilly, that's just evil right now...