Sunday, January 16, 2011

"And on and on and more and more they came"

I am not sure whose quote that is, or whether I have got it right, but that is how this afternoon felt.

Before anyone takes offense, or is upset, I want to say really and truly from my heart, "I love to have visitors, I enjoy people dropping in, it is one of the features that really endears island life to me!"

Today we went off to church, and stayed for the delicious tea afterwards. The tea is always good, but one of the wonderful bakers does try to spoil our boys when they are on the island, and, as this would probably be the last time that James would be down at the Lady Barron church this visit, she pulled out all the stops, along with all the cream and strawberries! Yes, we also had sandwiches, and homebaked biscuits, and cheese crackers, but the pavlova and cream sponges topped them today.

James then went off to claypidgeon shooting at the gun club, (I hope I have that right!) and we drove home, a little over riched on cream, but with the left overs in the car, kindly donated to James in absentia.

As we arrived home, we saw visitors arriving at our gate, and they came in for a coffee, and took away the BBQ we had been loaned for the New Years bash. Unfortunately James was not home to sort the computer problem they had come to consult him about. Still it was great to see them and we had a good chat.

Literally 1 minute after they drove out, James arrived from the opposite direction, with the chap who had taken him off to the shooting. He came in for a coffee, and to morn the fact that he had agreed to take James, who had apparently broken all the ettiquette rules and outshot his host! We will obviously need to teach him tact, if not shooting. Anyway we heard a lot about the safety of roosters in town, with many ideas on how to silence them.

After he left I got out the brushcutter to mow the lawn, and our next 2 visitors arrived, having phoned to check we were home first. We had a coffee, and as we were no longer quite so overcreamed, he got to taste some of the leftover cream cake. (The earlier visitors lost out as I was not ready to look at more cream yet!)I had a lot of fun with a small girl, who loves to visit our cats, and will always politely greet us as well! The daddy also got us some wood to use on the chook house, so he was doubly welcome, not just for bringing his daughter.

Now I have cut a bit more lawn, and Dave and James are busy on the chook house, so I will go and see if any squid are around. The sea is still a bit brown from all the extra water that has flowed in with all the recent rain, but looking at mainland Aus, I really do not feel in any position to comment on the amount we got.


  1. Christine makes Pavlova and it is yummy. But _very_ rich.

  2. You got it! Just add huge home grown strawberries!