Friday, January 14, 2011

Extreme weather to stillness

Today we had winds going up to 65 knots, and belting rain. We had the internet and cellphones down for about 14 hours, and I think 4 short power - outages. No major damage, but this merely the tail end aftermath of what hit Queensland. It was still not a bad writing day despite it. But by about 6pm the sun was out and the wind still. It was hard to believe we were on the same island. I managed a bit of good writing in between, and then we went off to tea with Peter and Helen (who must think 'Africa = the poor beggars are starving' just on the sheer volume of the feed they gave us. We had a really tender juicy turkey and an excellent gravy - an enormous treat as we don't get to eat bird-meat very often (I think we're averaging about once every couple of months, if you count muttonbirds). Many terrible jokes, much laughter... what going for a meal should be. And hell on the liver, methinks. And now it is late and I am for bed as we a garage sale to go to early tomorrow.

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