Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sports Day.

Wow, we had a fun late afternoon/evening today. (When I say 'we' I mean James and I, as Dave was good and stayed home and worked.)

The island sports started at 4pm, and had races for all ages, from under 6 to adult, egg and spoon, throw the egg, 3 legged race, etc. I think about half the island was there, and so many took part. I tried the 'over 50's walk' race, and finished about midfield, which I was pleased with, not having trained at all, or dressed in shoes that were made (or suitable) for walking. Still it was great to be part of it all.

There was a running commentary from a gent parked in his car close to the finish line, hooked up to huge speakers, and he had lots of in house jokes etc, some of which I even understood. Still, he was good for a laugh, and set the mood for the day.

One of the prizes for the kids races were water pistols, and soon there were many children running around squirting each other. One totally cute small boy, (under 3) had a wonderful time going around spraying all the adults, and as it was very hot and sticky, most of them were grateful, rather than annoyed.

There was a BBQ, of course, which had added kebabs to the usual repetoire, but I didn't actually see someone eat one, so I am not sure what they were like.

All in all it was a fun day out, and I am keen to go again next year, but I may put in some practise if I am going to take part! (James proved that if you are going to enter a 3 legged race, you need to have some practise time first, or you will hit the deck!)


  1. No Dave, no camera, so thank goodness no record of our attempts at racing, but the other races would have been fun to show. Next year....