Monday, January 17, 2011

The Chookabago

The mobile chook house - aka the Chookabago, aka a 'chicken tractor' is in the throes of construction. With the scavenged timber (yeilding a mere 5.7 kilos of nails) James and I have been on construction mission. We are, I admit, having some problems with the plumbing for the jacuzzi in the chooks second bathroom, and getting suitable wallpaper to match the curtains in the nesting boxes has stretched the island resources to its limit. My brain is quite glad to turn to writing rather than engineering.

James's order of electronic bits for B's computer arrived, and so hopefully the graphics will return her to her favorite games.

We had homemade seafood pizza for supper - grin - the treat for us is the pizza, not the seafood! I had mine A la Garth Nix with salad on top. My family regards this genteel revulsion especially as it is Sue's yummy lettuce. But I have to try and improve the writing somehow. Maybe this is the sekrit handshake ;-).


  1. I want to see pictures of the Chookabago...

  2. At the moment it is rather dull. Seriously the final structure is aimed at being utalitarian and light, as it has to be relatively moveable.