Monday, January 10, 2011

I got a job!

The island was getting dry. We have a sign that is put up outside town when our fire danger reaches a certain level, saying that we now need permits before lighting fires. The sign went up last week, luckily after we had had our New Year's BBQ, so that fire was alright.

But today it rained. It actually started last night, but I slept through that, but all morning it drizzled or rained, so we our drive is now full of puddles, and our water tank has hopefully filled up nicely. The forecast is for more rain each day until Friday, so we should be fine for a couple of months after that, for household use, as well as on the fire front. The airport got 13mm, so we were probably close to that, and our under-the-verandah-water-tank is a quarter of the width of the roof, but the same length, so in my theory, we should get 4mm in the tank for every 1mm on the roof.

I had a part time job for a few hours each week, which today turned into 2 separate jobs on a Tuesday, so my weeks will now have a definite shape, and we will have some extra income, for which I am most grateful. It was all finalised over a cup of tea this afternoon, and tomorrow I start, I really love this island.

The sun has almost broken through the clouds so we are in for another amazing sunset behind the pine trees. Yesterday I congratulated our landlord on planting the pines in just the right spot, so the view of the sunset is so spectacular from the lounge windows. He told me firmly that they were planted about 70 years ago, and the house is only 21, so I crept back into my hole, not even daring to say the house was well sited in that case. But I still really appreciate the summer sunsets that I can see from the lounge or my computer, in James's room. Dave is unfortunately on the wrong side of the house, but comes through to enjoy them often.