Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Minipies, life. TWO parcels

Let's see, James after another pale, predawn start (well, 11.30) did some further work on the Chookabago. Bill brought us a circular saw to borrow for the chook palace... but as B was out and the gifted guard dogs were fast asleep and I was working we didn't even see him. B and J got a squid last night while I worked, but that's our token contribution to the seafood store for about the last 2 weeks of shocking weather. Hopefully we'll get a dive in tomorrow, and shoot some fish.

We got two surprises in the post today - firstly a huge, varied batch of wool from New Zealand, courtesy of the author of DEPUTY DAN :-) And a box books... NOT DRAGON'S RING for which I offered to dance 'you can keep your paperback on' on top of Mount Strzelecki if got here -- as they are supposed to, before release date, but MUCH FALL OF BLOOD. DRAGON'S RING distribution - even to me seems to be... flawed.

other Quiet day today, only two drop ins...

I made a large batch of mini-pies with some curried mince today. I've frozen some against the next 'bring-a-plate'. We thought they meant we had to bring a plate to fill up ;-)

I got on with book, going back to the drawing board a bit. That is necessary from time to time.

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  1. Hi Dave, just a quick note to let you know I finished and loved Dragon's Ring. I've written my first ever book review on my blog.
    Waiting for the next one!