Monday, July 11, 2011

Chaos, wind and weddings

Phew. Sorry, the blog has suffered from an influx of family and the chaos of organising the wedding. Medical disasters - Clare's mum is just post-op, and had the wound decidely got infected, and we had to turn to the our local Doctors for rescue from what could have been real catastrophe, sorting houses, feeding people (on cream. It's a Flinders island thing) endlessly, Clare washing up just as endlessly (it's her displacement activity, methinks. Very useful). Oh and a few power failures. Today we got the next influx of Longden-clan and had an interesting time in persuit of their hire cars (turns out they were booked for tomorrow) and dinner for 11 to be cooked...
And a little flower painting.

I believe this called 'watercolour'.

Anyway, tomorrow seems set to be running around like headless chickens and panicking... well, that or following a schedule, with impeccable precision. Which do YOU think is more likely?


  1. Headless chickens. Almost certainly headless chickens. Makes life more interesting that way.

  2. headless chickens running around and panicking with impeckable (get it?) precision. :)