Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dearie me

Oh dearie dearie me. If you were in the midst of pre-wedding chaos- overflowing (a word well chosen) with guests and lots of food and innumerable cups of tea... what would be the most unsuitable disaster you could have happen?

Yes, it is indeed the overflowing septic tank.

Let joy (and festoons of loo-paper) be unbounded.


I hope we'll look back on it all and laugh.


  1. Paddy and Clare, my most sincere best wishes. These mishaps will make your triumph sweeter.

    (But with the crowd, Alanna better go get some more salmon.)

  2. ah, sh#* happens!!! Ours used to overflow every Christmas, when the house filled with guests. But you're quite right, it makes for fun memories. Enjoy every second!!

  3. Hi all. What is the nice chap called on Flinders who pops round to pump out the septic tank when it is in trouble ? We were amused in the Midlands when we first had to call him in - the tanker with the pump is referred to here as 'The Honey Wagon'.