Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking at the flowers...

Well, the flours anyway - I've been browsing my favorite florist... flour supply, the Hindustan Imports site for some more interesting flour and other odd products to spice up our Island lives. The big trouble for me (as an adventurous cook) is they assume that their customers are all familiar with the products. So if they list Besan flour or Atta flour... I have to look them up. And not all of their products are even in Wikipedia (duruka, palusami, podi flour?). Then of course I have to start on just what do you use them for. So anyone wishing to advise me on which I need in my life and why, I'd be delighted.

It's been raining and blowing and cold and miserable - ideal for guests, and Barbs has been out of bed, showing just how effective I am at this husbandly foot down thing. Anyway, a noisy game of UNO is proceeding in the lounge, the fire is burning and I will proceed on supper shortly.

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