Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moving swiftly on...

Well, after a genteel stagger-night (I was designated driver, TG. I'm a failure to the drinking classes, and so is Pads. It's a control freak thing, I think) we got in around midnight from Peter's last night (after the pub closed on us), and returned to our rather direly 'loo straightened circumstances. Which was hard for for a man in fairy-wings and a ball and chain. Today the honey-sucker came and at least provided us with relief, with many a disgusting glurpeling noises and delightful scents to help the washing (hastily removed from the line).

And now... frantic food preparation (Barbs saying that no, I CAN'T just feed all 70. Huh.)


  1. Well it's Wednesday midmorning tx, so I believe it has become THE DAY there. sunny, 10 C says the web. Going to be40C here and no crays. Enjoy!

  2. Y'a know, I think I've seen that final picture before. Alien Dreams? One of those Alien flicks, anyway. And then they unfold, and jump!