Sunday, July 24, 2011

In which Barbs learns Boring and I just am

Well, got a little better handle on how to quarter wallaby last night, and how to skin them. And a little sudden insight on the price of beef. I hadn't realized this would be affected by the very strong Aus $. The island is a major beef producer so... interesting times, possibly.

Today B went to her chainsaw course and is now a licensed chainsaw operator, having learned useful stuff like how to start a chainsaw between your legs, boring (which involves cutting with the tip - the bit of chainsaw you're never supposed to use- because it kicks back) apparently very useful for clearing fallen timber on the road that would trap your blade. I shall watch sometime and learn how to be boring in yet another way. It could be useful at sf cons.

We got a couple of squid this evening in gin-clear water. Because of the clarity they were very tentative tentacular beasties, except for the two that committed hari-kiri on Bill's - which he left dangling in the water, while he went to clean Maria's catch. Still the whole crew got some, and it was a pleasant sociable chilly evening, even if we saw a lot more squid than we caught. Poor B had a really bad night of it with 5 getting off her jig. She should have taken a chainsaw to them.

And now, nose to the grindstone. Deadline chase.

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  1. Dave, you can never learn enough to be boring ;)

    I think Barb with a chainsaw would be a HUGE hit at the next SF con.