Thursday, July 7, 2011

A wond'rous bird is the pelican

One good tern deserves another...

Ok I now have B's cold in ernest and am off to bed. But the weather was only moderately bad today, so the kids got out - Pads and Clare climbing at Emita,

James and Alanna fishing at North-East River.

Alanna caught five salmon to James and I two each (Ok so mine were on a fly rod with a tiny spinner... which made things ... interesting. But she showed us up nicely)

We had quite a lot of close contact with the pelicans... who decided we were an aid to fishing.

Or an aide anyway.

and a passing wombat


  1. Why, in it's piety it doth feed it's young by ripping open it's chest and feeding them it's own blood. Wonderous indeed!

    [<grin> Never got on at all well with pelicans myself for some reason. Worse than swans.]

  2. Hello Mr Freer
    Trust that all is well on Flinders. My name is Charlie and i am a friend of Paddy, Clare, Jimmy and Alana's. I would be very happy if you could put up one or two pictures of the wedding, including one of the flower arrangements, am trying to secretly organise a gift for Paddy and Clare.
    I love your blog, for one, I had never seen a wombat until this picture. My friend Jack, From Australia says they are somewhat of a cross between a bear and a pig...wonder what God was thinking, its quiet creative of Him, but then again, he is the CREATOR of all things.
    Thank You sir, and i look forward to seeing more.
    Nkosoxolo Charlie Mzimane

  3. Hi Dave,

    off topic as usual.

    My family has set up a betting fund: having has another two teeth removed today, the bet is how many teeth I will have whenever elder son Michael visits Gladstone from Brisbane.

    23 left and counting :-)

    Only 10 years older than you, Dave. hee hee hee hee. Had 'em all at your age.



  4. When did I miss the announcement of Paddy and Clare tying the knot?

  5. Hi Charlie, I will post as many as possible :-) Wombats are called badgers here - to confuse things more

  6. Hi Clarky, teeth are a sore subject around here!

  7. Quilly you're not so much belated as premature :-)