Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding pics 2 (and for now, final!)

I'm sure you've all had enough of these! Just some people shots. If I can manage I'll put up the Scottish dancing video, which is hilarious :-)

I like the tie!

My mate papparatsi(sp?)Bill, his wonderful banner-and-tapestry-making wife, and Mary (Lady McTier) our Scottish Dancing instructress (who is 97 and rules us all with a rod of iron)

James and the art of public speaking...

Jamie my dive partner, and our littlest dancer and her gran.

James's Alana and our own Rosie!

'Like a dark cloud the horror came down on me... I'm a mother-in-law!

Some wedding presents are really optimistic and ill-informed about our roles in this relationship, dear!

Here's to them! Plenty herrin' Plenty meal, Plenty bonnie bairns as weel!


  1. Whose tie? Yours, or the gentleman to your left (not James, can't see his)?


  2. We were all looking at each others ties. It is an unusual sight.

  3. Actually, when was the last time you wore a tie?


  4. I have a neck that was not designed for ties...

  5. May I say that it looks like everyone had a good time.

    What do you call that dance step you were using? :-)

  6. absolutely love it!! So wish I could have added to the chaos at the house:) with love,Clare's other Poole aunt