Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Okay, yesterday involved a fair amount of running around with the little big one, and culminated in him going off to work this morning, at 7.15. We also went out with the professional hunter last night, so that got him and I back home at 11.15. Then I had to MGC post, and then I fell asleep - at about one, and awoke to cramps at about 2. No one else in the family was affected, and none of the usual ills that follow this were received. But I am under-slept. Barbs is doing her first day alone at the surgery, and James is having his first day at the Abalone diver's place (he will be mr manyjobs, and nothing glamorous like diving in cold water. Yet.)

And I stopped to visit Peter after dropping B and have returned with all sorts of goodies, including a portable generator - this is an investment in our future home (which may, who knows, end up off grid - I'd like that). I was also considering it as possible squid-catching device - take a few really bright lights and shine them on the water at Red Bluff.

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