Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well, it should ideal floundering weather at about 4.30 AM this coming morning. I don't think I'm going to go, although we need the fish. Barbs is still fighting her cold, and I am too but to a lesser extent. The whole 'man-flu' thing doesn't work with us. I spent too many days sick as kid to ever voluntarily take to my bed now. I did end up a day in hospital having blood tests about 20 years ago, glandular fever IIRC, I gave up waiting and called B and went back to work, they phoned to say I was sick, but I was busy by then, with a farm to run, and spent 1 and a half days in bed when I had Malaria. When I feel not well I'll go and sleep for an hour or two, but I was not designed to be that still. I don't even sleep more than 3 hours at a spell at night, and I seem to function OKay on around 6 hours sleep. Barbs and James both need 8 +, Paddy used to but seems to be adapting to cope with less. I have slowed down a lot with age, but I do feel being married to the energizer bunny must have been enough of a penance to make up for any good points I might have.

I'm busy working my way through an old SA cookbook - most of the food is pretty ordinary pre-war stuff, but it does have the advantage of cooking from a very small, basic set of ingredients. The author assumed you might be on the farm, and have a store cupboard - not a supermarket down the road.

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  1. Sounds a good book. Simple food is good.

    Anything worth sharing?