Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We have had heavy frosts again this morning. I conclude this side of the mountain is just colder. Having James home has meant a few changes - he's got to be at work in Lady Barron by 8, and both of them are getting home later. It's meant I get to walk out to the gate at 7.15 and there was ice on the puddles this morning. Still lovely having him home and I think he's learning a lot and hopefully enjoying himself. He went to see today and got wet and cold.

I'm, I hope, getting myself back toward myself with the writing. I did quite a lot of tidying today, which is always a good sign. New books come from a clear desk (which by the end of the book is cluttered with open reference books, notes, maps, diagrams and empty coffee cups)

We have a rat eating my onions. It's in the old chook yard, and I can see the holes. It's quite far from the house, and well fenced, so cat proof without a lot of effort. Some kind of trap is needed. A big one - it's a big hole. A rat called Kimberly, perhaps?



    Yeah, its probably a link from here somewhere, but I'd never noticed it. I found it from reading one of Ms Caffrey's reviews. Most impressed with her review technique, I'm just not that bright, still haven't posted a review of Witches.

    I have read the first two months' post from last year. I have no idea how you have the time to do what you write here, and also write what's there, and your other sites I've yet to taste, and also actually write books.

    You are bloody amazing. I sit in awe. (I'd stand in awe, but I'm too old. {grin})

    All that aside, my two sons are home for the university holidays, two weeks starting tonight and I'm ecstatic. :-) :-) :-)

    regards as always

    IanRC (my new Bar cognomen)

  2. I should have said:

    All readers of FlindersFreer, you really Should read Dave's personal outpourings about writing and getting published.

    I VERY highly recommend it.


  3. And a grumble.

    The distorted letters and numbers to be typed to verify your input as a human are being taken too far. The last post took seven refreshes to find one that I could read.

    old grumpy

    Software is advancing whilst my eyes decline. Soon, it will be only computers that can prove they're human. :-(

    1. I don't set these things up, Ian. Didn't even ask for it. It comes with this free blog, which has all the bugs of something you get for free. There should be an audio button. I have used that while posting elsewhere.

  4. omigawd, I really am grumpy about this.

    The Australian saying is "give 'im a fair go". OK, it wasn't applied equally to women until thec 1970's but it is today.

    "give 'im/'er a fair go".

    Ramps for wheelchairs wasn't PC bulldust, it was letting handicapped who wanted equal rights to work for a living a fair go.

    Many other examples come to mind, but I'm writing a post, not a novel.

    The Australian way is to give a person "a fair go".

    Why am I carrying on? Simple. I reread my last message, and realised we are not, as a technological race, on a worldwide basis, giving the blind "a fair go". No person with impaired vision can post to a site using the blogspot software. That is NOT a "fair go".


    1. There is an audio option. Braille computers are not yet available :-).

    2. Good News

      I haven't run out and researched, so no links. sorry.

      But I first saw a braille computer in a science show in 1995. The screen looks like a box of nails, refreshes are in seconds, not microseconds. The software somehow applied a 3d algorithm based on I know not what, but the nails were raised and lowered such that the user could feel the image on the screen. Input was via a braille keyboard, and it had a braille printer.

      Of course, as it was a specialty item, it was expensive. Hopefully, the costs have declined in the 17 years since.