Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome home little one

Our Boy James is home after some epics with his Zimbabwean visa. We'd like Alana too, but for the next 6 weeks, we've just got James. Anyone needing to employ a large likely lad on the island, let me know. Peter brought him across with his new ute, and we're deeply grateful. Once the flock of locusts (AKA 22 year old) has descended on the larder, we may need to send him out to forage. Better lock up your chickens.

Seriously, very relieved parents.


  1. Glad to hear that he made it to the Island safely!

    I've heard a lot of tales about visa issues over the years working with missionaries. Zimbabwe has always been one of the trickier places to get it all sorted out even with folks on the ground to hand carry paperwork to the right government bureaucrat at each step of the process...

  2. Well, that is good news indeed. Hope that you can convince Alana to join ya'll ASAP.