Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ooops. By the time I had had tea last night it was rather late, and I forgot to post.

Minor adventures yesterday included going up to my friends Peter and Helen's place and doing some emergency plumbing repairs. Tommy the bulldoger-digger-man had severed the house water supply - not visible as the water was turned off at the tank. I turned it on and oh what a fountain... Anyway, Barbs was doing her first closing up and the stocktake, so by the time I finished there, I went down and caught some squid for tea, just as Peter was water-skiing behind the Spirit of Tasmania out of Port Philip bay (you can't actually let people like that on the boat.) There were dark storms and flashing lightning out to sea, and it looked poor weather for water-skiing to me, but fine for squid. I did get two big 'uns before dark.

By the time I got home made fire made tea, and settled down... it was time for sleep. Which I did, quite well.

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