Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ok, busy couple of days. We went sale-ing on Saturday morning and it showed me all over again, how wise we were to choose the island. Not many places where, after two and a half years, when there are about 200 people at a garage (well, we've sold the farm, and we have a lifetime of junk/stuff to get rid of.) sale and you will know and greet a good 180 of them. And chat. And some of you will be trying to spot bargains... and others will be trying to avoid the management (she just wants to talk to you about that 'bargain'... and if you wait long enough she'll find another mathom-of-more-use). Anyway, I came away with a box net-weights (lead) - about 18-20kg for $5 - should make a lot of sinkers or dive weights or even... net weights (if I ever do the seine net thing, or restring my graball). And a stock of bolts, nuts, nails and oddments - for $6, including roofing nails. And a tow -hitch sans ball - slowly we move toward things we need (a way to tow the lawn-mower with our ute, and a way to tow the boat, if we find the bits for the trailer, if get a decent outboard - all of which will happen in time, we hope. Some of which requires priority management.)

The weather, which started fine, went downhill. So it was pretty miserable when Norman took me out to shoot a pheasant. Which I did. No this is NOT easy. I have an experienced guide. Later we determined to shoot some Wallaby for mince for my trusty guide's wife. Much driving about in mud ensued. I still have to do quite a lot of practice at this. Anyway, 5 were shot, some well, and some I-am-not-very-good-at-this-yet. I conclude more practice is needed.

Today we went up to Jamie's place on the ridge and had lunch of crayfish, chips and salad. The biltong is still drying, but is edible. I'm not totally happy with this batch, but it's a start. Wallaby is usable, and a proper drying box with flymesh and a real door will be built. And we move onward.


  1. Spent a lot of hours Pheasent Hunting over the years, lot of fun.

  2. Hi Dave,

    totally off topic.

    The doctor's let me go to one head tablet each two days. He appears to think my excessive over-reaction to life incidences has been proven to be beaten over the past three years.

    Coincidentally, the new mo9deration of the Bar have permitted me to participate.

    Not sure if its really a coincidence, it may be the reason for the former is why the acceptance of my request for the latter.


    I tried to submit a review of Dog and Dragon. Amazon would not let me because it wasn't yet in review space.

    I had a few harsh words both to and from them. It turns out they have a special "unpaid" group of reviewers who manage their reviews of unpublished works.

    I have since been requested to submit a review of the Witch murder case. If you or any of the Freer Friends who read your Blog would point me to things to read about what is a good review and what is a fan fic review, IOW how I may improve my skill set before I respond to their request, please, all reader's of Dave's space, give me some clues.



    1. glad to hear things are going better for you. Just take it slow, and sin-bin hasty replies until you cool off.

      I have no role in the review process - I don't want to be involved and don't know how any of it works, seriously. I would feel very dishonest being involved. Some of the best reviews I've read are by Arthur Jordin (on Amazon) as an example of how to do it well. Harriet Klausner is how not to.

  3. Thanks Dave,

    I'll look at both.


  4. Dave, what size tow ball do you need? A 48mm or 50mm? I have them both here just sitting around.....

    1. Um. not sure. When they were clearing up at one of the houses on the farm there was the wreck of a trailer. The shaft had snapped (rust) but it still has the hitch on it (and a winch) I've just been out and had a look at it, and 1)I might be better to start afresh, 2)it has no indication on it. Further homework will be required, and I will get back to you.