Monday, June 18, 2012

Today biltong. Tomorrow, boerewors. Next week Tasmania...

Well, A day that has seen rain. The return to a swamp of the flats cannot be that far off :-) (this area was all drained to make farms for soldier settlers). The Biltong appears a success. 2Kg of meat became less than 1kg... and that was before Norman &Kelly started eating it. Tomorrow boerewors. (normally done with pork and beef. We will use Wallaby... and wallaby)

I tried to order something for my son with the tiny trickle of 'spare' my sales on Smashwords and Naked Reader e-books generate

Like this one

(these pay directly into my paypal account, and as they're paying in US$, I keep it US$ and try to spend it in US$ thereby saving quite a lot on currency exchange.)

Unfortunately, we just don't fit the standard model again. It seems that I can't order something from the US with an Australian Paypal account, and have them ship it to the UK. They ship to the UK. They ship to Australia. But you can't order from Oz, for an address in the UK. gah. Heaven help me I'd love to send Jamesy something in Zimbabwe, but thievery in the PO system make that impossible.


  1. There is a reason why every time we have someone heading over to Zim from the office they take a full suitcase of stuff for the folks already there. Our mailroom just keeps a spot in the corner for stuff to accumulate between trips.

    I remember the fun we had around the office after one of the finance guys got back to the US office right before the switch to officially using US$ for the currency in Zimbabwe. The Harare office had just handed him the entire petty cash box as a souvenir since it wasn't worth anything with the incredible inflation rates at the time. (prices would double every 12 hours IIRC) I should have a multi-billion Zim$ bill around here somewhere.

    1. A sort of grim warning as to what 'printing money' leads to. We should send a note that bloke at the Fed. I must admit to low level rage about the collapse of services in Africa. What are these guys trying to do? Prove Verwoed right? If you told me I would never be able to govern properly because of my skin colour, by God I'd work damned hard to prove you wrong. Pride would see that we had the best run civil services from postal to customs in the world, and would I ever rub people's noses in this. And yet the opposite happens. It doesn't have to. There are some pretty decent people there - just not running the civil service it seems.