Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rain Snot misery

green snot pie...

It was BLEAK Monday, with both Barbs and I coming down some degree of snot and aches, the wind sending horizontal rain thrashing into you at 40+ miles an hour. The goat-track... road up to Jamie's place was a 4X4 steep clay quagmire when we did it in the dark. To misquote the Charabanc trip, There were goats with bronchitis and elderly wet sheep to invite us, as Jamie's shed loomed up through mist, but the rain slacked off soon to medium monsoon... and and the day didn't look quite pitch black but just dark grey, with wet sheepdogs to lose, and numb fingers to use, we scooped horse poo, fed nags in the mud and got wet. It was such fun we did it again in the evening and again this morning... only with a wind off the snow in Tassie and a fine mizzle of rain to help the windchill. Fortunately the weather is set to improve, and we're counting the days now. We're down to 8 more feeds... It does get vile here, but seldom stays that way (he says in a hopeful tone of self-reassurance.)


  1. I have to say, your weather sounds a lot like ours. The difference is, you're heading into winter and we're supposed to be heading into summer.

    Lisa S. in Seattle

    1. Well, to not comfort you, see the pictures I am about to put up. It was a beautiful day today.