Saturday, June 23, 2012

we're all crazy now

It's sort of worrying when you've always been the crazy one, and you have come to rely on the safety valve of your friends to say "No way. I am not going out in that!" when the sea is on its head and things are... interesting, and you find yourself diving with a bloke who relied on others to be the safety valve and say: "No way, Jose". Grin. Norman and I went diving today in conditions that mean I am sure no one else was in the sea. He did baulk at the first place I wanted to go in. We ended up going to a rather nice new spot, which has a long barren swim to some very attractive limestone. Nice caves, but a bit hairy snorkeling and with a lot of wave and current action. I have everything tied on -- measures, knives, etc. Which is a good thing, diving with bubbles. Less good diving without when you can get snagged. I hooked up my ab knife briefly, going down into a crack. Now, if I don't panic, I have it all hooked to a quick release strap. I'd lose the bag, measures torch knives etc. But I'd stay alive. It's still possible to tangle and that's why there is a sharp small knife there. But this is all done on one breath, and limestone caves are not quick easy exit spots - especially if the current or wave sucks through. So I think I'll go there next in calm water and probably with an aqualung. Still, interesting place. Just another one of the hundreds (or thousands) I have to find still :-) And yes, winter water. It was COLD COLD COLD. Raining in flurries and the wind blowing. But I was pleased to see my dive buddy really did 'buddy' and stayed close.

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