Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The case-file for the key snatch incident

Here as requested for you amateur detectives are the 8 by 10 color glossy photographs wid de circles and arrows of the 'scene of the quad-bike key case'. Only you'll have to imagine the circles and arrows.

The approach

Another view of the approach
Suspiciously like goat track

Can't see much yet...

Aha! The evidence (you find it)

Suspect spotted lurking

Too dumb to be a suspect. Note possible stashing place of loot in front of 11 year old sheep. Many many many such spots exist.

Suspect Tipy protesting innocence, says wasn't in the country. Produces airline ticket (written in paw on an old feedbag)as alibi.

This character however had a cast iron alibi and witnesses. Says he suspects the goats. There may be bias.

There is more to this than just a simple key snatch. We have evidence of a very elderly branch of the sheep Hitlerjugend in some sort of sheepish plot to attain more sheepenraum. Note give-away salute.

prime suspects having duped stupid sheep with fake moustache.

It was never me!

You're delusional from walking that hill down to the stables.

And another day is ended.


  1. Well it certainly is spectacular in the more distant scenery department. Not so sure about the close ups...

    Have you got hold of a metal detector yet to go key poo-hunting?

  2. Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant.

    Thanks Dave.

    Have you found the key yet?



  3. Photo 3, bottom right quadrant, has a human created tag, being of rectangular design with straight lines.

    Do I get a prize VVBEG


  4. Said rectilinear tag standing out among MANY MANY non humancreated ovoid objects.