Tuesday, June 26, 2012

far too much in day

Well, first we had a killer frost - lost most of capsicums. Ice on the moat.
Then we heard our Boy did not get let back into Zimbabwe (they came out to do some shopping and renew his visa). And then Barbs went for a job interview. She will be starting tomorrow. And now I will leave you as I have to concentrate on tickets and stuff.


  1. Glad she got that job. As hard as you all work on the acreage having a less physical job for Barbs will be a blessing.

    Having been denied entry into Zimbabwe may be a blessing as well. Maybe he can convince his lass to leave that wretched place.

  2. Poor lad, I hope he gets that sorted out soon. It must be horrible not to be able to go home. All the best for the new job!