Saturday, June 2, 2012

The topper

Ok, just when you thought you'd heard every last implausible story, then someone tops it...

Beat this.

The goat ate the key to the quad bike.

Yes, I went to go on another poo-sucking mission this morning after feeding the horses... and couldn't find the key (it lives in the bike, in the shed). I was convinced I must have taken it out, and actually drove home to check my pockets. It was only having failed there, and every other place I looked... that I went back to the bike and noticed... the plastic surround to the lock down among the goat-poo. A little chewed and battered, but recognizable.

So I did it with the wheelbarrow and pooper-scooper. two and a half heaped-high loads. Have strapped collanders to goats bum. Am contemplating running a powerful magnet down goats (after I have waved it over droppings) and trying a little keyhole surgery.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dave, I can give you a pair of latex gloves with VERY long sleves..... LOL :-)
    LotsaLuck key hunting Bill.