Friday, June 1, 2012

I've been told a number of times that the fishing off Red bluff can be exceptional, and so far all I've got is weed and one foul hooked salmon. Still, I gave it another try driving there on my way to go to the horses. I put a bait-line out and commenced spinning (swearing at my friend Peter who had switched my handle around - but I only had 25 minutes so every one better count. I got big trevally (which I lost as I was trying to haul it out of the water), and a small Aussie salmon, and then the handle of my reel fell off into the water. mutter. Anyway. It can fish very well, and the water looked beautiful in the westerly. I WANTED to jump in with a spear (and look for the handle) but poo sucking and horse feeding called. I just got through in 1 hour 45 anyway and that excluded any paddock vacuum - that'll have to happen tomorrow. Anyway, I made 9 packs of mince and 10 days of dog roo and a nice load of stew/kebab chunks from the wallaby _And_ did a little work, so all is not lost. Counting the days till B gets back, and until Jamie gets back.

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