Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally putting the house on the floor.

I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, but I seem better today. I did some work on current writing project (I've been struggling to kick-start myself. I invest a huge amount of myself in the writing process and - especially when the tangible signs of any reward are well... absent or so small it's hard to see why I bother to try that hard. Yes I have not been paid. Yes the last royalty statement included e-sales that the rights have reverted to me (in other words, e-books that they have no right to sell, and should not pay me a royalty on, but either refund the buyers and get the goods back, or at the very least pay it all to owner of the copyright. And what I get is... stonewall. No reply.) There is a degree of burnout, every time I finish a book, and every time it gets worse. And when I have to fight for things that simply ought to be done for 92+% the rest of the chain take, it adds insult to injury. Publishing/distribution/retail doesn't care. There are lots more meatheads willing to do this for 6% of the gross. Yes I'm a bit tired of it. Thank heavens for the trickle from Amazon.) and then worked on the little house on the flats (yes foot-rot is big problem here. And there are lots of border collies. But none called 'the Dog'.) The little house still had one support plank under it between the house and the base I made. It weighs a few tons. A section of insulation had fallen out of the floor joists and I wanted it back. The support plank was in the way. So the plank had to be replaced - after raising the building another 5 inches, and resting it on something that didn't obstruct it. And then getting that out and dropping it onto the raised floor I made (which rests on huge blocks so next time it moves the raised floor and the wee house can just go together) I'm a little guy. I don't lift several tons too well. Not even with a crowbar. Not even with a crowbar extended with a pipe - yes, I know what Aristotle said... only then you are on the end of a long long lever... trying to reach 10 feet to slip a little chock in...

Anyway... a hydraulic jack, some levers, and it was possible, Only of course the platform bent and it wasn't quite high enough. Well, I leave it all your imagination. I kept my hands and head well clear of various tottering piles. Broke a 3 meter 3X3 and for the finale, put it down with insulation IN and just one chock to knock out with a hammer.

So base frame - with the back of the house on one chock on it... snapped. I got the chock out easier though. I then jacked up the base platform, inserted a support pole and will splint the frame with enough timber to handle any future moves and probably a herd of elephants.

And now a few more words and I will go to bed. I hoped to go to sea tomorrow but the wind sounds nasty.


  1. The problem with putting your fulcrum out on an asteroid to move the world is that the asteroid is also moving ....


  2. Your ingenuity and perseverance continue to amaze me.