Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well, owing to some issues with a bearing, we went out to sea rather late yesterday - and it was bumpy and very wet. We got very cold and wet. The sea temps are dropping like a stone into a neutron star. Still we got 19 flathead between the 3 of us. I remain amazed at how few other species we catch out there. The flathead must be really dominant in that niche. Fresh fish, 'slap' chips, fresh sugar-snap peas from the garden for tea.

Today I did a little writing, planted garlic, chives, onions, weeded (and avoided writing) Bad me. Tonight we are due to go with the professional wallaby shooter shortly. I will be taking lessons, quietly. Stealing with my eyes but with the benefit of a little experience to make sense of it. We've got a few, but he's just SO much more effective. He does have 40 years experience. I want to try making some biltong out of wallaby.

I wasted a shotgun cartridge. Missed. Up to now I have held off unless I was very sure, and as a result was getting cocky about my 'skill'. Yeah, not so much skill as very close...

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