Thursday, June 7, 2012

The return of the prodigal key

Faced with the overwhelming evidence of public interest in their misdeeds, the goats dumped the loot.

I was putting out sheep-feeding bowls this morning when I spotted a blue object protruding from a drift of sheep/goat poo. It proved to be the tag from the quad-key, still attached to the key. It was about 17 yards from the quad, around the side of the shed. And yes, it still works. I have no idea if it went through a goat or not. The tag only shows minor signs of chewing. I think it might have been mouthed and dropped.

Tonight we had a curry with what would be called mother-in-law's tongue - possibly atchar, courtesy of our friend Sonia. I did some very healthy facial sweating on just a tiny bit added to what I called curry, and brother would have called 'stew'. Also - once again a departing the island present from Sonia had some home made preserved lemons -spicy and salted. These I suspect may be like green sauce, good with everything. I must get the recipe as they were really delicious.

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