Thursday, July 19, 2012


When you drive into Whitemark there is a trailer-load of wood with IIRC $150 on it. Yes, it is a nice load of she-oak. Yes, it is probably cheaper than heating your house with gas (here at least) or electricity. But I am very grateful to being able to afford a chainsaw, having a ute, and having access to more dead, dry wood than I could burn in 50 life-times. I cut a load of about the same size in half an hour. OK it wasn't she-oak but its incredibly hard heavy gum. The section of fallen tree I cut made me feel faintly guilty because it was straight for around 3 metres and just on 30 inches thick. It would have made some beautiful planks. Still, it was fallen and rotting. I do wish I knew more about the local wood. Some of it is beautiful. Anyway, one day. In the meanwhile I think we have a month's generous fires. And if I lived elsewhere, I'd probably pay through the nose for it. Here it is a little labour and a tank of fuel, a bit of chain-oil.

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