Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Absent-headed professor.

hmm. I thought today would be all systems zoom, but it seems the unverse (or at least my mind) had other plans. I went on a brave expotition (a la Winnie-the-pooh)to the big smoke, AKA Whitemark (pop. 170 IIRC ) with a list of 'stuff'I needed to finish various jobs and list of thing that needed doing. Well... The start of the mission was visit the tip and drove straight past... and the rest of the expedition was rather like that too. I reversed back. Got the PO to get my seed order in to Phoenix seeds. And found I had carefully filled in the form the seeds and left it on my computer. I got the postal order anyway, and so hopefully that can just be posted. I ventured on Walkers, with as far as I know, no disasters. Took the chainsaw in to Lees to get sharpened and to find out about the trailer. Hmm. The huge solid, but welded on socket I have won't do. It has to be bolted (thus a cheap pressed metal one is legal, but a good cast one isn't). They don't know if it needs springs. They'll find out. They can sell me a safety chain (that weighs slightly more than the trailer. You need a safety chain to support the safety chain). Killiekrankie Enterprises didn't have the refill for my stormy lifejacket, and won't get it, as, fair enough they're all different. Fair enough, but I still need one. Roberts... I got in and couldn't find my list. I wanted some parts for the drip irrigation and some stuff that 'growing vegetables South of Australia' recommends for making up a complete organic fertilizer, I wanted some premix concrete for posts, I wanted some ammo, I wanted a coat hook. They didn't have the sizes of fitting I needed, they didn't have all the ingredients I could remember for the fertilizer, and I couldn't remember the main one. I clean forgot ammo, premix, and the coat hook.

And then when I got home I found the list in my pocket.
Well, I got ingenious, fiddled and got the drip irrigation going just fine. One out of ten ain't good... but it's a start. Tomorrow may be more organized. Maybe it's just all the wild bustle of Whitemark. Or maybe I'm just a dozy beggar.

James and Alana went to North-East River and... caught nothing.


  1. Sounds like one of those days when your brain stays behind asleep in bed when your body gets up for the day...

    1. It was. No wonder on making the bed there was this odd lump there.