Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Batman the cat has a new love: physiotherapists! they provide him with such wonderful new toys/victims. Lying on their backs and grunting strangely as leaps and pounces and walks up and down on their chests truimphally. So good. Such fun.

I've dug 2 of the four post holes needed for the wood lean-to James was going to make a month ago. The other two will need me to move a ton or so of wood first.

Anyway, James worked on the farm assisted by Alana, and a mob of lambs today. Much sunburn seems to have happened despite the sunblock. They've been resting from their labours since. Barbs is still not home from work at the doctor's surgery and will no doubt be delightfully tired and grumpy about it.

I've had the 'holiday' of a trip to the dentist - but am otherwise at my normal 16 hour day. Book makes progress. I pulled some weeds when it didn't and got stung by nettles.

One of these days I will not make morning coffee, porridge, pack lunches, make tea, carry firewood, make the fire or an evening meal.

Yes, I am also feeling a bit sore and bit grumpy. But this too will pass.

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