Thursday, August 23, 2012

clearing decks

I can see wood on my desk. I should be very afraid. I had something of a circus morning, clearing the decks to use the table-saw and getting it working, and then major epics with Barb's very expensive Rainbow Vacuum cleaner - they're great machines, and wonderful for allergies (they draw dust through water)... and very expensive to replace. Fortunately despite the mysterious rattly bit of plastic (turned into a vital switch) we got it working again, and james brought back the concrete and chainsaw, and Barbs the coathooks - the latter have gone up, and I made some new shelves for James to save him from being absolutely force, forced I tell you, to use the floor as repository. They went into Whitemark and got a visit to Green (AKA Isabella) island. And this evening we all went to the wild Scottish Dancing. So a good day... just more sleep tonight please!


  1. Rainbow vacs are good. Mine has lasted over 20 years, and I have heard of one that was replaced at 50 -though still working, because the owner finally decided he wanted some of the newer bells and whistles!

    1. It does seem very solid, so far. I hope the 50 year old one was kept. It'll outlast newer ones :-). They were all stainless, back then.