Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I got brave and made my attempt at dal tonight, which was actually a success (I have loads of split peas and lentils as a result of our Indian friends leaving the island) Mind you squid tentacles, abalone, and rice with veggies probably isn't quite usual. We also had an orange salad (slices of orange with dates and mint). Alana - James's fiance, is having a baptism by fire into strange Freer food. They appear to be a quite conventional diet family, and we are, well... omnivorous.

Have dug the last of the holes for the wood-shed, and cut all the grass, and brought the good ship Zoo's trailer down to work on.

Much of this is displacement activity, but it does make me feel better, and helps the waiting.


  1. Ahh... Food.

    Susie and I recently reached our savings point, and bought a new stove. We'd had real difficulties, because we wanted a griller as a real thing, not a part of the top elements or the oven. Added about $150 to the price.

    Last night we initiated it. Blew our budget to bits. $20 for two pieces of sirloin. $10 for new small potatoes.

    It took us a few testings and sending back to get it right. An important thing we learned was that the thinner piece goes to me (I like medium to well done), the thicker piece to Susie (she likes medium rare).

    Susie finally gave in and steamed the potatoes with chives. She told me this morning I was right, chives negate the earthiness of the potato and sweeten it.

    Lunch today Susie caught me by surprise. Grilled rainbow trout, skin removed on upper side and painted with a pepper, garlic and olive oil marinade. Served with ceasar salad and pepper and chive drenched potatoes.

    Of course, the two meals have buggered our budget for this fortnight. Worth every cent.

    Next week, I'll be grilling frozen fish fingers with cheese, tomato paste, chives and a little chilli.

    The fancy meals we've agreed are to be limited to birthdays and anniversaries. Making the cheap meals enticing is now our joint challenge.

    Addendum, the incredible amount of fat that came off the sirloin, we dripped it onto stale bread and gave to the birds.

    The damn flying things recognise when I pull back the curtains in the morning, and sqwark until Susie gives 'em breakfast. Greedy buggers. :-)


  2. Memo to self: Do not begin a Dave Freer book (Cuttlefish) late in the evening. :-) very good book that kept me up and reading far too late into the wee hours of the morning.

    Thank you, Dave!

    Do you plan a second book in this very interesting universe?

    1. Yes, in fact it's at the galley proof stage with Pyr. It's called THE STEAM MOLE and is set entirely in Australia.

    2. I look forward to buying it and reading it. This time I might remember not to start the book so late at night. :-)

  3. And I am one of the privileged few who gets an early preview, which I am reading at the moment... Dave, you have an amazingly inventive mind. Fabulous read!