Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're still experiencing the roaring 40s, with added chill, just to let us know winter isn't dead. The seagulls are perching in the puddles in the fields and I think I saw a whale in the laneway. I've been wading through old myths to find an anchor for the Heirs book. In a fit of insanity I am committed to two more. And then nevermore, as the raven said.

I've got the bits cut and drilled for the wood-shed. Assembly shouldn't be a big deal, I just have to mix some concrete (with ha ha dry sand!) and do a bit of homemade flatpak putting together - and no doubt discovering much to my surprise that my measuring skills are, as they say in PC-speak 'gifted'. Let's hope so. The shock of it all working easily and well might kill me.

I went across to give Jamie a hand (ie chat) while he modified a tractor part he'd fixed - his guesswork being nearly as gifted as mine. It was my first introduction to oxyacetylene. I think I want one :-). Also went to look at the calves that had to be 'assisted' into this world. Farming can be pretty tough.

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