Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yesterday went on until 11.15 Pm so I didn't feel like posting. Lazy me. The wallaby hunt was tough - saw lots, but at long long long range. As I said James - good thing I bought more ammunition, at this rate I'll need 150 shots for each 'roo. Anyway, the new knife works really well. We had an island funeral in the morning, not unexpected, but sad. The lady who planted our garden - which has bulbs coming up all over. The kids and mum-in-law went fishing, and nearly tumbled into the briny just where you should not. I am too used to being used to it... Anyway, no harm done. They got some Australian Salmon - which are exciting to catch, and the cats are fond of (no, I'm not). I did weed a patch of onion seedlings which are doing champion yesterday, which got my conscience worrying about fresh plantin. So I went through the seeds (the new orders and old stuff) and have 17 that need outdoor planting now, and about 10 that need indoor planting NOW. My attempt to seedmeal (the leftovers from crushing seed for oil, used as an animal feed and a great basis for a fertiliser.) have so far ended in 'not on this island.'

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