Thursday, August 2, 2012

You know, there is something about repairing the infernal combustion engine that is supposed to make men quiver with glee. They left it out when they built me. I have, perforce, had to work on cars, bikes and motorised lawnmowers over the years. Funny, fiddly bits of woodwork or rod-repair or even appliances, I do enjoy, but sticking my hands into oily, hot spaces designed for - at best - special tools and smaller hands just doesn't do it for me. Yes, it is satisfying when (if) you fix the problem. But yesterday's lawnmower magneto problem was not one of them. Yes, I did identify the problem, no I could not fix it. And thus three hours of my day were not constructively spent. My back is a bit better but didn't need lawnmower loading. Anyway. Onward. I will see the physio on Monday. Today looks about perfect for going to sea, or diving. The weather forecast deteriorates rapidly thereafter. And having thought we were out of frosts... we had frost this morning.

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