Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I got a terrific pressie for my birthday - (and Jody, this is due to your influence, I believe. Thanks)

Now all I need is a wallaby to use it on. I did wear it to hang out washing but no sock-nibbling hopper appeared :-). Seriously, I've had a great day, and Alana's mum has arrived safely and been taken squidding

Not bad for two hours on the island :-)


  1. Happy Birthday, Monkey! I think you will find that to be a Very Useful Tool. You should hunt up a small rounded sharpening stone to keep the hook sharp. Japanese chefs use them...for what I know not.

    Flew back to Tulsa today from our new home in Youngstown, Ohio. With everything in boxes....particularly books...I'm re-reading Dog and Dragon. Even better this time because I am picking up some little buried treasures of sly wit.

  2. Oh, and I encourage you to look at North American radishes, early carrots and leaf lettuce (Boston Bibb being one). Many of my Mexican friends grow them in early spring...and back home grew them under simple plastic for a winter crop. In the Australian Ag community the weather at Flinders probably doesn't figure in much. I think you can find analogues in certain North American, southern South American and Northern Italian winter and spring crops. They won't fully bridge the Veggie Gap, but I think they will help. They are also fairly easy to grow as weeds are not much problem during that time.

  3. I found it great at both gutting and skinning. And I am glad D&D stands up to a re-read. That's always been the test of a good book for me. I've just been looking up Youngstown. I left out the s and found there was one in Tasmania :-) Bit further North for you folk, but looks like a smaller city, which to me is always good. I've got a little lettuce, and baby pak carrots coming through, and I really don't like radishes much, and neither does Barbs. Our winter really is quite mild, and I will move to a small greenhouse and cucumber frames before next season. I do think the short day-length has a negative effect as I can't see what else is holding growth back.